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ANCEL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD specializes in automotive intelligent diagnostics, detection and analysis systems, and automotive-related products for mechanics, repair shops, and DIYers.

ANCEL persists on technological innovation and has independent intellectual property rights, factory, and technical team. With the mission of providing customers with high-quality products, technologies and services in the automotive field. 

ANCEL has a large number of experienced engineers who focus on the development of automotive electronic diagnostic equipment. In addition, ANCEL has an excellent after-sales service team. They will provide immediate technical support and deal with various feedback from customers, and strive to cooperate with our R&D (Research and Development) engineers to develop the latest products.

This year, our product line has made new breakthroughs, and successively released DS600, DS700, HD3100, HD3200, DP500. Next, we will continue to innovate and provide more quality products. For more information, please follow ANCEL official Facebook/Instagram/Youtube/Blog.