12-24V Automotive Circuit Tester

20 Feet Extension Cord

Allows you to test bumper to bumper without jumper leads

Available in a variety of Vehicle

Can be used in small cars, large trucks, motorcycles, yachts, household appliances, etc.

Four Working Modes

Works on 12-24V sources

  • Multi-Functional

    Designed for Voltage & Polarity testing, Continuity testing, Signal Circuit testing,

    supplies Power/Activating Components, Trailer Lights & Connections testing,

    red/green Polarity LED, follows & Locates Short Circuits, and checks bad Ground contacts.

  • Two Flashlights

    This unit housed in rugged and with a very friendly user interface, even a beginner can easily use it without the manual.

    Built-in two headlights allow you to work in the dark area, flexible 20 feet extension cord allows reaching wires in or out of the vehicle or some congested places.

  • Activating Components

    Haphazardly applying the voltage to specific circuits can cause damage to a vehicle's electronic components. Therefore, it is strongly advised to use the vehicle manufacturer's schematic and diagnosing procedure while testing.

What Do You Get?

PB100 Circuit Probe x 1

20 Foot Extension Cable x 1

Battery Hookup Clips x 1

Cigarette Lighter Adapter x 1

Protective Case x 1

User's Manual x 1