Automotive OBD II Scanner

  • MIL Warning Lights

    Green(two long beeps) indicates there is no fault code. Yellow(short, long, short beeps) indicates that there are pending fault codes that need to be processed. Red(four short beeps) indicates there are permanent fault code, you may need to repair the vehicle yourself or drive it to the mechanic or you won't pass the emission test.
  • I/M Hot Key

    Designed with IM readiness hot key, provides quick access to emissions readiness status, helps the engine run as efficiently as possible and also to produce as few emissions as possible.
  • Print/ Update
    Connect this unit to your PC with USB cable, Click "Print" option then you can print the diagnostic report as a record for future use. This unit also supports life-time free upgrade online to fix the latest bugs or add newly parameters by downloading the software from ANCEL website, then follow on-screen instructions.


New Height Detected

LCD Display

32bit CPU

Sturdy Case

16PIN Interface

USB Cable

DTCs Look-up

AD510 Code Reader All Features

Excellent quality, New upgrade.

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