Six Reasons to Choose Professional

1.Android version 7.5 A responsive operating system for speeding up the repair work

2.10.1-inch LED Touch Screen Large Screen, Anti-drop, Waterproof, Visual Enjoyment

3.Pre-install Diagnose APP Buyers do not need to install software, use the product directly, convenient and fast

4.Long-time Working High-rate polymer lithium battery for long hours of operation

5.Bluetooth Automatic Connection

6.Two Years Free Upgrade

10.1" TFT LED Display

The new X6 tablet is designed for automotive applications and
can cover a dynamic range of more than 15 gears. In the harsh
environment can also retain the bright and dark parts of the rich

To show more vivid natural landscape, smooth sky transition,
gorgeous dusk.

3D-LUT color matching, even if the face's light changes,
D-gamut design more consider the need for manual color
matching, even if it does not use 3D-LUT or color management